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Espaces locatifs commercial et industriel | Mini-entrepôts

Besoin d’un espace locatif?

Vous devez vous relocaliser, avez besoin d’une nouvelle aire de bureaux, d’un espace de détail, d’un local commercial ou d’une usine? Peu importe le besoin, nous avons l’espace idéal pour vous.

Découvrez nos espaces locatifs commerciaux et industriels.

Local privée et serrure à clé

Porte privée avec numéro de local

Haut plafond

Plafond de 16 à 18 pieds de haut

Porte de garage

Plusieurs grandeurs 10 x 12

Plancher de béton poli

Évier à cuve et drain de plancher

Besoin d’entreposage?

Nos entrepôts propres et sécuritaires sont accessibles 24 h sur 24 et éclairés adéquatement en tout temps.

Découvrez nos mini-entrepôts.

Accès direct

Porte privée avec numéro de local

Température contrôlée

Chauffé ou non chauffé

Accès direct

Accessible 24 heures sur 24

Plusieurs dimensions

De 10′ x 10′ à 30′ x 50′

The online casino is technically unreliable

The reliability myth: So reliability has long been a big issue for casino operators. In fact, they were at the dawn of new technologies. The first online casinos required a bandwidth resource that most connections, such as 65k, could not handle. So there was a lot of lag, bloat and other nonsense. Wagering money under these conditions was impossible for most. So you had to download the game software. This was time consuming and while it helped to limit compatibility problems and lags, connections were random. I’m talking about a time when Google wasn’t even born in people’s minds, Yahoo ruled the tiny world of the net and you could hear a telephone number when you connected. Smartphones existed in Star Trek since the 1970s, but in real life, you needed a briefcase. Anyway. The myth of the unreliability of online casinos was born at that moment and has lasted as long as the technology can adapt to online gaming. It’s a bit like installing a 2018 hit on a Windows 95. Most people would say the game doesn’t work

The reality of reliability: Reliability has definitely jumped as technology has evolved. Games are now download-free and played in your browser. Mobility is done on the different versions whether it is Apple with IOS and Google with Android. Most, if not all, browsers are compatible. You can of course enjoy the games on your smartphones and tablets to play at the online casinos. Reliability is no longer an issue at all and is even a basic minimum that can drive players away. Disconnections, lags that prevent from playing, it is known and the word of mouth on the web is dazzling and often fatal in Igaming.

Transparency and fairness of online casino games

The myth: Online casinos are a scam

This idea is not new. Hard casinos have long had to fight against this more or less false image, which is derived from news stories, movies and literature. Online, this is perhaps what has most hindered the development of the sector. Of course, there were black sheep, strange casinos appearing and disappearing overnight. The bonuses were nothing like they are today, but they were traps. In fact, you could say it was the wild west. And soon the big casinos in Northern Europe got together to put an end to the party and arrive at the current situation.

The reality of transparency and fairness is that the casinos themselves, independent bodies and state licences have regulated the business, and there is even a layer of regulation from the gaming software companies, which have also had to pass through three regulatory hurdles. The first regulation came from the casino owners themselves who were « fed up », if I may say so, with suffering from the bad reputation of black sheep. So they established rules and labels so that players could have casinos with standards of transparency and fair play. Independent bodies were created to randomly check the algorithms. States have created licenses to allow casinos to operate online in their countries. These licenses guarantee the financial reliability of the casinos, as well as fairness for the players.

In conclusion, the myths tell us more about ancient history than about the world of online casinos today!